The Republican Party started their quiet takeover by dominating local races decades ago. Then in 2010, they embarked on a project called Operation Red Map. Its goal: to flip as many Democratically held state legislatures and governorships to Republican control as possible.  It worked. Today, Republicans hold 31 state legislatures nationwide and have heavily gerrymandered federal congressional districts.



Bold Blue Campaigns is the nation's only grassroots supported political strategy consulting firm dedicated exclusively to providing support and services to Democratic state and local campaigns nationwide.

Founded in 2013, the firm has assisted dozens of state and local candidates in a variety of types or races ranging from small municipal races to statewide races. From deep red districts to deep blue. Our campaigns return wins and/or measurable progress toward a Democratic agenda.

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Bold Blue Campaigns is revolutionizing politics by applying a collectivist model to candidate and cause campaigns. 

The contributions of thousands of grassroots supporters subsidizes the cost of making top-level operatives and critical services available to small campaigns that might never otherwise be able to afford it; so they can run strong, credible, competitive campaigns in every district across America.

Our system can only work with outside support. Small campaigns are often budget challenged, yet needed services and support are often pricey. Lack of funds means campaigns have difficulty hiring experienced staff and must make difficult choices about critical services.  


Your small recurring contribution to for as little at 23 cents a day ensures that these campaigns (and their staff and volunteers) have ready access to all the expertise and services at affordable prices.