The Wisconsin Primary election held on April 7, 2020 was a peek into the Republican Party playbook for stealing the 2020 election and consolidating power, perhaps once and for all. 
Using the Coronavirus Pandemic and the public health threat it represents, and backed by a Republican leaning SCOTUS, tens of thousands of Wisconsin voters, primarily in heavily Democratic Milwaukee, were forced to choose between risking their lives by exercising their right to vote, or staying home and remaining disenfranchised.
If you think this occurrence in Wisconsin is unique, think again. It's a blueprint and the Republican Party will duplicate it in whatever way they can in other states. They control 31 state legislatures and Wisconsin is a key state, federally. Expect voter purges, restrictions on vote by mail and other shenanigans, especially in states like Wisconsin, Michigan, Pennsylvania,, Florida, Ohio, New Hampshire, Maine, Nevada and New Mexico.
We cannot waste time. We must organize to push for Vote By Mail in every state. We cannot subject poll workers and the public to potential danger that would come from in-person voting. We cannot wait until summer or early fall to address this issue. We must organize and act NOW. 
JOIN the 2020 Vote By Mail Grassroots Task Force  for our first planning session this weekend on Saturday, April 11 at 5:30 p.m. Eastern.